Rhodium Plating

A. Litwin, writing in the voice of Andy feels like Alan Watts when the topic is Rhodium plating or LGD [Lab Grown Diamonds] for that matter.

Rhodium has the Atomic Number of 45 and is in column [group] nine of Elements on the Periodic Table of Elements. There are a total of eighteen columns [groups] in this table [why that is–and that there are seven rows (periods) is another story] so that places Rhodium in the middle column and is in the d-block [of the four blocks of elements- another, intimately, closely related story] made up of the Transition Metals.

Alan Watts … "It all wiggles. And for some reason or other we find wiggly things very difficult to keep track of...." He goes on to lament that in essence we want "things" to "sit still", so that we can define them, "see them" and as above "keep tack of" them.

But it all wiggles. Apparently even at the smallest unit of length of an object, the Planck length, of a distance of:

[as a ball park measure; good enough in this case; [likewise, the same as when you attempt to comprehending and to count the magnitude a large number of items (like 30 Trillion of them)].

where the Plank length  it is about: point (period) then 35 zeros of a 1 yard long length:

0.00000000000000000000000000000000001 of a yard

of "stuff".

[whatever this "stuff" may be—I do not think that anyone knows because there would be story about this fundamental insight on the front page of the world's best Medical and Science Journal, the "Wall Street Journal".]

it does not "sit still"; it wiggles.

So one may be wondering: What the flyingwatusi does this have to do with Rhodium plating of jewelry?

The element's position on the Periodic Table is the "tell". It is in the middle of the table.

Rhodium, is a not to "not" Element like  Lithium, that is flammable, burns very hot and  when used as a medicine [to treat people with Bipolar Dis-ease]; it has a narrow dose range between-it's does being therapeutic—helpful— and the dose becoming harmful —toxic— to anyone -irrespective if they suffer from Bipolar Disease or not. It is now a "persistent", element, in great quantity, now on the earth's surface rather than underneath it.

Rhodium is not to "cold" like the Nobel Elements on the right side of the Periodic Table either as they are inert.

Rhodium is in the middle of the Periodic Table, not to hot and not to cold, but just right. Well sort of. It wiggles. It does not stay put.

Rhodium could be viewed as warm and soothing. It is a "Do what you Like" [Blind Faith] sort of thing. It changes and adds to the metal it is plated to,. If you like how it effects the metal, then why not?

The refrain to the former could be; but the Rhodium plating wares off after awhile [understood- as a time measure, "awhile" is vague..But the rate at which it wiggles off, while not, I would say in the "Wicked Problem" category as wiggling itself is; the rate of wiggle off, is none the less, multi-factorial.

So let us say, as a benchmark, [even, if, as such, the benchmark if off]  the plating significantly wares off in two years. As it wears off, most likely,  the color of the jewelry will change. In the end you will have a new color to your jewelry.

Now. let us consider, all of the stuff, one might have had / does have that changed color over time e.g.Like wiggling into a pair of worn out blue jeans or hiking boots.

The drift is, if you like the Rhodium plated look, try it, see where you are with it, down the road, and do to the magical world we live in, the jewelry can be re-plated.

Plus, as as potential shlep, effort reducing feature A. Litwin will re-plate the jewelry if you would kindly please ship it to us with a preceding call / email note indicating as such so that A. Litwin can anticipate receiving it, and allocate, as needed, resources to re-plate and then mail back to you the jewelry in a timely way. Now having said, on the other hand, and totally up to your circumstance, perhaps consider having the jewelry re-plated locally, please call and or email the place where you intend to have the re-plating done and please ask or a quote-one is not holding them to the exact amount until they see the jewelry or you may be able to email them a picture so as for them to perhaps be able to give you a truer cost amount. Please then contact A. Litwin with the quoted charge and if possible please email a picture of the item. At this point there is a very good chance that arrangements can be made whereby what you would expect A. Litwin to do is done.

Thoughts ?