The Transcendental Shopping Experince

A wip. last updated 5/8/24

First entry: Hello, At the moment [I feel like I am at Camp Blue Star and at the same time with some friends where we laughed so much that we cried and I will promise you that this state was not brought about by micro-dosing LSD-25.] because A. Litwin [really, truly Andy] is in the process of creating a Transcendental Shopping Experience.Now you might be wondering what is so funny about this? Well [now that I have stopped laughing- for the moment] if it were not for people in my life who love me ...I... I...cannot renumber the last time... I...I... went shopping [and I have a pretty good memory]. So on a very basic level it is "out of this world" that this is what I am envisioning and working on. But on another level it is an implicit  [now at the moment I feel like like David Bohm] unifying whole-diamonds in particular-that elegant, enduring styled jewelry is. 

If you [ have not already done so] please click on the green audio Icon [assuming you are at a place where you can listen to music] and you will hear, what I plan, that you will, in time, see. But I am hopeful that in the near future a gimps will be here, to see.

Chi = 18,  2+4+4+8=18,  Molecular weight of water is 18


Second entry: I was just reading some about an aspect of astronomy-that relates to this page topic-because the wider subject is about perspective and perception-it "popped" into my mind, that, in fact, I do-sorry- recall the last time that I went shopping. It would have been to get eyeglasses.


To be continued...