About Us

A. Litwin

 Andrew Akim Litwin’s extended family has been in the jewelry business since at least the late eighteen hundreds.  His great grandfather Akim Litwin made jewelry for the Russian czar and nobility.

Ever since, his extended family has been in the jewelry business.  They began Litwin Jewelers as immigrants to America in 1911.  The company thrived and Andy can remember, as a young child, watching with fascination the jewelers working at their benches making the timeless, classic designs that would become a hallmark feature of the Litwin company and style.

While Andy pursued a career in medicine–he has an MD and MPH degree, he has returned to his family roots to become a jewelry designer.  The creative inspirations for his jewelry first came to him while studying the infinite meanings of Hebrew letters.  There is nothing haphazard or arbitrary about his designs. They all are based on some underlying Jewish teaching.  

Andy pairs each of the enduring styles in his jewelry collection with thought-provoking information about the ancient teachings, in some cases thousands of years old, which inspire his work.