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First entry: Hello. This story is going to be written in the first person voice of me, Andy; formally Andrew Akim Litwin. My middle name, Akim is my Great-Grandfather's first name. As the page title indicates, the subject mater will be about lineage and origin. Although the absolute origin of the lineage are not known at this time. The ancestor trail is only know back to my Great-Granfather (and only back to my Grandfather on my mother's side). The question arises: Who taught my Great-Grandfather diamond cutting, jewelry design and crafting? My sister has the hypothesis that he married into a jewelry artisan family. But we simply do not know. If by chance you happen to know more or have an idea of how one might find out more, please kindly contact me.

As implied, and if you inferred that this is also a business story, you inferred correctly. There is an aspect of the business part of the story that I would like to touch on now. Similar to due process, trustworthiness and honesty are assumed until otherwise. This heart beat (that is an ancient drumbeat) continues and it seems to mystically nullify "otherwise."

Image from Litwin Diamond Cutters Catalog showing a woman’s hands and a diamond ring on the left hand and fourth finger. The image text says: It’s from Litwin Only the Finest showing

 From Litwin Diamond Cutters Catalog [late 1950s]

edit [5/6/24]: To clarify the preceding statement. While there is a mystical aspect, A. Litwin is a member of professional trade groups [three] where their focus- or a significant part of their activities focus on- identifying and helping to prevent its members from becoming-perhaps unwittingly- a part of wrong doing. A. Litwin does a thorough due diligence on those it considers doing business with. To date, A. Litwin has not had / encountered a problem in this regard. Indeed, it has been able to act "old fashioned" [I know of from a first-hand source that agreements in the million dollar and north range that were "sealed" with a handshake.]  in that it has the pleasure of working with those whereby A. Litwin can send a payment check once an agreement is reached. Although, I trust, that in general, these last statements will not be construed that A. Litwin is naive and in fact is just the opposite. Action for [that fortunately, to date, has not been necessary] misdeed would be punished immediately starting with the severance of all relationships with the perpetrator. One of the three before mentioned professional trade groups has as a specialty in the remedy of "financial indiscretion," all three of these groups have initiatives to help ensure ethical and moral conduct of its members and those its members do [and the vetting of businesses that one may consider doing] business with. The truth, as I see it, is that ecological and ethical sourcing of materials used in the making of jewelry is a quite significant challenge. The ethical and moral responsibility is that one does their best. One of the trade groups that A. Litwin is a member of, focuses on the ethical sourcing [as a moral / ethical imperative and to help its members act likewise], in conjunction with proactive actions to take for helping to prevent "money laundering" where the "windfall" from this endeavor is often used for activities where the intent is to hurt [sometimes in irreversible ways] or kill others. Ecological sourcing is very important but much easier said than done. Ecologically comparing one production / sourcing method to another is extremely difficult. Why? For one, I know from direct experience, that it is extremely difficult to objectively measure a set of parameters of events while conducting an experiment [where a cornerstone of the Scientific Method is that the experimenter controls the environment] is conducted in a laboratory or akin to such [ e.g., a clinical trial] setting. So then one sees the enormity and arduous efforts needed for the much wider spectrum task of evaluating and comparing the ecological effects of different sourcing methods that even reasonably approximates a circumstance where objective measures of key parameters can be obtained. Something to consider [I feel like Carl Sagan at the moment] : What is the source of "this atom of gold" or this "molecule of water" that could be from just about anywhere. 

Second [Bet] entry: Some Joy. Pictured below is my mother who was just blessed with a 91st birthday [may she be blessed with many more] in April 2024. Her father and mother had a General Store where she worked and she claims that she was not very good at sales. I am incredulous about this "claim" because she appears to be good at marketing and the two- sales+marketing- mix well together. The "give away" is -get the glasses in the two images below. One from around 1957 and the other from not to many years ago.

Picture of Sara Litwin at Litwin Diamond Cutters around 1957.

Sara Litwin at Litwin Diamond Cutters around 1957


Sara Litwin at Highland Beach Florida 2017

Sara Litwin at Highland Beach Florida 2017

Third entry [ג]  A beautiful cycle. Is it possible to literally, "within one's imagination imaginations" to have an infinite amount of energy that can be used to do mechanical work? The answer is unequivocally yes. Put another way, to the extent one has concerns, that a given energy source, currently in use, can cause damage to ourselves and the whole of the natural world, can these agents of concern be eliminated? The answer is again, unequivocally yes.[ To further explain at the moment, is, in a manor, tangential to to what I would like to directly address at the moment.  While the two- what I would like to mention now and this matter perhaps seem to not be related, they are actually inextricably linked. The quantitative proof of this goes back to discoveries of the early 1900s.The application of it these 1900s discoveries would, given the will to do so, result in a total a [World Health Organization type definition of] universal health for every person on the planet. The single greatest attributable factor in the rising cost of health care and the struggle to meet unmet healthcare need can be explained by and is derivable from the Newton Mechanics equation  of: Work =force X displacement  [movement] 

[An apparent exception like isometric muscle contraction can also be explained in this way to.]

My recollection is that Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi has, I infer, by her actions / keen insight in having been a decades long, staunch supporter of the the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's efforts to make a Fusion Reactor has long understood the forgoing.  A recent Wall Street Journal story under scores this by a "follow the money" as billions of dollars are being invested into a number of companies that likewise are about being able to make a commercially viable Fusion Reactor. Andy to, has had this notion in mind from a health care perspective when he wrote up, first a brief, and then expanded into a book and then a set of slides to help explain the book, in an academic setting, starting on this around 2000- A conceptual model / paradigm that would allow for all unmet health care need to be met.]]

Well back to the  present [I feel like a character in a Sci-Fi time travel story for the moment.]. Given an ecologically sound, "carbon neutral" or better state [ if you prefer this type of framing, fine] of all aspects of jewelry production and thereby - one would hope- significantly diminishing unethical, immoral and devastatingly harmful sourcing and production processes and instead markedly increase life and joy supporting activities then their still is a hurtle in this to overcome. Namely, are the tangible / material  means of production of the infrastructure needed to ecologically produce jewelry themselves manufactured in an ecological and, ethically / moral way? The answer is unequivocally yes.

Beautiful Gimal - cycle [now for the moment, I am back to feeling like David Bohm.]


To be continued...