Father's Day Special:

Unisex Aleph Bet Pendant Necklace (Sterling Silver)

20% off through June 21 of the Unisex Aleph Bet Pendant Necklace (calculated at checkout)

Aleph (א) the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, has the number value of one and represents the oneness of G-d. Like all of the Hebrew letters except for the letter Yud, the Aleph is made up of other letters. In this case, the  Bet ( ב) equal to 2, a diagonal line representing the Vav (ו) equal to 6, and the foot shape representing the Yud ( י) equal to 10. The combined value of these embedded letters is 18. Likewise, the word in Hebrew meaning to live, Chai חי , has the number value of 18. Finally, the molecular weight of water is also 18.  Thus, with the Aleph, we see a very beautiful symbolic and number relationship between the oneness of G-d, the source of all life, and life itself.


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