Another way to spell heart in Hebrew

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In Hebrew the word for heart: Lev can be spelled with a Lamed (ל) and a Bet (ב): לב or with a Lamed and two Bets: לבב. The letter Bet has a number value of 2 and the Lamed 30. Two teachings that relate to these spellings are that the sum of the Bet and Lamed: 32, represents in Kabbalah the 32 mystical paths of wisdom (or states of consciousness) and that the addition of the second Bet indicates that the heart is the home to two opposite inclinations; holiness and idolatry. A worthy aspiration is to gain mastery of them so as to be able to feel and think clearly; that is, to avoid the babel–confusion of [like in] “Babylon” spelled: Bet Bet Lamed: בבל the reverse lettering of Heart Lev: לבב.

Lamed Bet Bet Pendant

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