18K Yellow Gold Lamed Bet Textured Pendant and 18 inch 18K Yellow Gold Chain
18K Yellow Gold Lamed Bet Textured Pendant and 18 inch 18K Yellow Gold Chain

18K Yellow Gold Lamed Bet Textured Pendant and 18 inch 18K Yellow Gold Chain

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A. Litwin has been planning on offering the Lamed Textured Bet pendant and chain in 18K gold in part, because of the relationship between the numbers 18 and 32.

Interestingly, as it turns out, laws governing the construction of certain items for use in the temple require them to be pure gold. Applying that law today would dictate that 24K gold be used. The challenge would be that pure gold is [for a metal] quite soft, easily deform-able- easy to dent. So not very sturdy and while A. Litwin has not researched jewelry making with gold purity above 18K; 18 is a good number [percent purity] to stop at in general, and at the moment, some predict [as of this writing 6/10/24] that gold spot prices [price for pure gold] will reach $3,000.00 [or north of] an oz [sustain a price of; "have legs at"], another words, a lot. 

Now, back to the temple. It is plausible that in biblical times that what was considered pure gold was of a purity composition that was at or around this 18K purity mark and then suitable for construction of the needed "pure gold" items. But even if so, then, what to do now? Or more to the point, how to do now? Pure gold means...

Your Lamed Bet necklace embodies the cyclic nature of Hebrew bible (Torah) learning and the rhythms of your heart. If we depict the letters of the Torah in a circle, the first letter Bet ( ב) and the last letter Lamed (ל) are next to each other and form the Hebrew word for heart ( לב ) Lev. Your Lamed Bet pendant forms the heart and the chain represents all of the other letters in the circle. In Hebrew, the word Lev, heart, has a numerical value of 32 [(Lamed‑ 30 ל) + (Bet‑ 2 ב )]. 32 represents in Kabbalah the 32 mystical paths of wisdom (or states of consciousness). Further, these paths relate to the 32 times G‑d’s name appears in the first chapter of Genesis. 32 is directly special to you because the oxygen you use for your heart to beat in a cycle has a molecular weight of 32. Enjoy wearing your Lamed Bet heart necklace as a person with a (golden) full heart.

Dimensions: The pendant is approximately 0.8 inches high by 0.5 inches wide.

A jewelry box and pouch, an 18-inch 18K Gold chain and a description card are included.

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